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iWiSp v0.97 RC

by IWISP-Mike » Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:00 pm


New features:
New features:
1) New UI: Added Scrolling to Device Groups
2) New Feature: Add options in existing select lists
3) UI: Refactoring Log system
4) UI: Merged the Backup and FTP Settings
5) Monitoring: Added Log functionality for Devices Add and Remove
6) UI: Added Interactivity to keep visible the appropriate tabs and fields when switching the product type (product or service)
7) UI: Added ability to have linkable log entries
8) New Feature: Added Temperature Mode in settings
9) New Feature: Added IP query field in smart search
10) UI: Refactored the add addon operation in order to prevent from adding to product the same addon over and over again
11) New: Refactoring the module architecture
Refactoring the Add Product section to support interactive module settings
Creating the FreeRadius module according to the new module specs
12) UI: Changed Paging functionality in device list data tables
13) New Feature: Manage changing types in add/edit addon forms
14) New Feature: Completed front-end order form:
Added checks in order to prevent adding the same product/service over and over again
Auto calculation applies at real time on every change (add/remove/modify quantity)
Added quantity feature on addons list in order to add any addon multiple times
On removing product, also remove the related addons
Various Bug Fixes in functinality
Improvements in page layout
15) New Feature: Refactoring of Order Controller in order to support:
Two types of products/services and addons gathering prices from plans or fixed values
Quantities in hardware products
16) New Feature: UI Pagination
17) New Feature: Show Group Button only in Map and Device Controllers
18) New Feature: Clients Contacts (initial support)
19) New Feature: FreeRadius module
20) New Feature: Initial Map layers with grouping functionality added
21) Core: Added Support for Ioncube 7
22) New Feature: Added WLAN0 & LAN0 MAC addresses on device info page
23) Core: support for Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS and php7
24) UI: Changed Radio Button Colors
25) New: CRM - Added the option to have multiple contacts per Client
26) UI: Added the possibility to check device connectivity and credentials on every device edit page
27) Core: Optimization - Reduced Workers number for better stats handling on large installations
28) Core: Optimization - Stats Polling cleanup code for speed improvement
29) CRM: Add Change Package option in edit service page
30) New Feature: Added SSL certification creation and support , from now on you can access the
application ONLY via https://
31) UI: Added support for long SSID names
32) New:Database Backup Refactoring (database backups via Download or FTP are now much less in size)

1) Fix: Map issues when Tower was in list for placement on the map.
2) CHANGE: desktop notifications per minute
3) Fix: EdgeOS Charts broked on last update
4) Removed: Update check from Dashboard
5) UI fix: Added Option to add any parameter on an empty list
6) UI: Reverting Upgrade option in Device list for rework - optimization
7) UI: Improved UBNT Firmware Names handle
8) Fix: Raised SSH connection timeout for compatibility issues
9) Fix Dashboard Widget:
10) Fix: Optimized Connected to AP Devices queries
11) UI: Refactoring to improve speed in getting many devices list
12) Fix: Old UBNT F/W (5.510 etc) stats collection
13) Fix: wrong ping times reported in devices health page
14) UI: Top Bar Online devices number precision
15) Fix: Fixed a bug to keep multiple module settings in product's assigned module
16) Fix: Fixed date and timepicker in product order form
17) Fix: Wrong CPU values on dashboard System info widget
18) Fix: Session Expiration Fix
19) Fix: Missing Chain0/1 in M devices Fix
20) Fix: auto logout after session expiration
21) CRM - Fix: Clients contacts now clear when client gets deleted
Installation - Info Boxes completed in installation wizard.
22) Fix: Device List - Fix ToughSwitch remain column
23) Fix: Nasty Installation bug preventing full SQL installation
24) Fix: Installation Issue with giving default value in MySQL Username preventing form submission
25) Fix: URLs and paths for installations behind NAT now work properly
26) Fix: Mikrotik Memory in DB introduced in 0.95
27) Change: Default DataTable size from 5 to 15
28) Fix: Improved storage for AP stations stats
29) Change: Device Firmware upgrade to comply with https:// change


For new installations and update run the following commands on Ubuntu

ubuntu server 16.04.2 (only)

Code: Select all

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade wget https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/iwisp/0.90/iwisp.deb -O iwisp.deb sudo dpkg -i iwisp.deb; sudo apt-get -y install -f

This will automatically download the installer and check for dependencies. After that you upon opening your
browser at the servers ip address you will be redirected to the installation page of the application. Simply enter your license
username and password and then you will be able to continue with the installation.

To get your beta license create an account in http://crm.iwisp.gr

Upon successful login please do go to
Application -> Settings -> Cronjob ( Stats Collecting ) Set to ON!

It is currently Sat May 08, 2021 7:24 pm