UPDATE iWiSp v0.2 Beta 24/07/2015

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UPDATE iWiSp v0.2 Beta 24/07/2015

by IWISP-Mike » Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:08 pm

iWiSp v0.2 Beta

New features and Fixes List

1.NEW - UI: Device List - Ubiquiti devices are now on different tables based on their Technology (AIRMAX, AC, AIRFIBER, TOUGHSWITCH)
2.NEW - UI: Device Groups - New design, added the device count per group for easy n fast look
3.NEW - APP: Device List - Added columns for: Distance, Uptime for devices that support it
4.NEW - APP: Ubiquiti devices info page: We added the option for user to look back in time in "Wireless Info" chart (options for now are 24h, 48h, last week, last month) (more options to come)
5.NEW - UBNT: Adding full support for new firmware changes (https://community.ubnt.com/t5/airMAX-Up ... -p/1300494
6.NEW - APP: Edit Device - User can define Device Image , Product type etc.
7.NEW - UI: User can have its own preference of Devices List (number of devices displayed and Visible Columns) - (SimonK)
8.NEW - UI: Device Installation Notes - User can edit - delete its own Notes
9.NEW - UI: Add Device Edit button on Device Info page (edward)
10.NEW -. APP: Quick search on the dashboard to find devices quickly (LNC-MB)
11.NEW - APP: Notification Email alerts You can define in settings page the SMTP server for outgoing emails, email templates, email notification recipients. (Lipe123)
12.FIX - APP: Mikrotik Devices Not change state (Online - Offline) (LNC-MB)
13.FIX - UI: Side Panel Device IP link in not open new tab for device (Lipe123)
14.FIX - APP: Device List - Fixed Sorting issue By IP
15.FIX - UI: Top menu (state sorting) not working if not in Devices list page.
16.FIX - APP: Rework for device online-offline-heartbeat state check methode (Old one was reporting some false Notifications)

+ Many more small UI changes here and there.

To Update your application go to settings from user drop down menu, Update Tab and click Update.
then refresh the page AND RUN THE UPDATE ONCE AGAIN!!!.

Reminder : Before update close the cron from settings Tab in Web Application (Not the Server Side) and after update you must enable it again.

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